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Checking Scales

Scale Details

Cheking scale

•Capacities from 3kg to 30kg
•Internal resolution: 1/600,000
•Responds quickly with accurate weights
•Application programs include: Check weighing, simple parts counting, percent weighing, unit conversion
•Battery provide up to 90 hours of continuous use
•OIML approved load cell

Photos and Instal options

Technical Datasheet

check weigher, checking machine, check weighing machine, weight checking machine

Apply advanced digital signal processing and realize high speed and stable weighing.
Special frame structure enables it to keep accuracy when working.
With liquid crystal and tangibly screen, it is easy to operate.
With strong data statistic function, it can memorize each data.

capacity: 10 Kg
Accuracy: 1 kg
speed: 40pkt/min


  • apply advanced digital signal processing and high speed and stable weighing
  • Special frame structure enables keeping accuracy
  • LCD Keypad screen, easy to operate
  • powerful calculation function, can record every checking data

Used to detect whether the weight of products matches with the target weight expected.
meanwhile autoselecting device picks out the unqualified products

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