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Crane Scales

Scale Details


•Big LCD display with alpha character
•6 sets programmable ID
•5000 sets weighing data memory
•Daily report,product report,client report
and operator report
•Operator administer
•Ni-MH battery powered

Photos and Installation options

Technical Data Sheet


•Capacities from 30kg to 600kg
•External resolution… 1/6,000
•25mm LCD display, attached white color LED display
•Reading lock, units conversion, Tare
•Battery provide up to 40 hours of continuous use
•Optional remote controller(except 30 kg) and rear display

Photos and Installation options

Technical Data Sheet

This model is a versatile, economical solution for overhead material handling and weighing application. Equipped with a brilliant and easy-read LED with wide view-angle and includes the industry’s easiest operation and an optional remote control with 15m distance which makes the operator’s job even simpler. Rugged and reliable construction makes it tough enough to endure different conditions required of any portable crane scale.

* Max Capacity: 600kg ~ 5ton
* Auto Zero Point Tracking
* Set Point Control
* Tare Function
* Hold Function
* Auto Power-off ; Energy-Saving Mode
* Low Power and Charging Status Indication
* 360° Freely Swiveling Hook; Easy to Operate
* Rugged and Reliable Construction (suitable for all kinds of heavy-duty measurements)
* Options:
o Remote Control (with 15m distance)

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