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About our products

Scales & Software (K) Ltd. is responsible for the distribution, service and maintenance of the following range of weighing equipment:

Scales and Software provides weighing solutions to various industries including Manufacturing, Food & Agribusiness, Dairy and Transport (Weigh Bridges) among other customised solutions.

Scales & Software (K) Ltd. ensures that determination of Weight in any trade transaction in Kenya is by reference to the international system of units. This ensures fair and equitable exchange of goods right from prime producers (e.g. Farmers), manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers to the consumer.

At S & S (K) Ltd. accurate standards of weights are an essential prerequisite for quantity determination in trade and commerce. Our Standards are traceable to the international Prototype Standards for global uniformity in weighing and accuracy is maintained accordingly.

Our products are Pattern Approved for weighing. This involves examination and testing of all new types or patterns of weighing equipment intended to be put into trade use by the Weights and Measures department. The control measure ensures that:

1) Our scales are constructed in accordance with the legal technical specifications covering physical characteristics, construction details, materials of construction and tolerances.
2) Our instruments maintain accuracy and other essential qualities and characteristics such as sensitivity, durability and repeatability for a long period under varied condition of use.
3) Our weighing scales are not of a type, which can be easily manipulated or altered to perpetrate fraud in their use for trade transactions.
4) Periodic Verification: Our weighing scales are regularly tested to keep up to the prescribed accuracy limits.

A Weights and Measures officer regularly visits our premises and the trade at large with a view to ensuring that the weighing equipments in use:

1) Are tested and stamped as fit for use for trade,
2) Still retains the accuracy it had when last stamped, and is being properly used (i.e. it is not used in such a manner as to defraud customers).

Some of our Scales Products....


. Ranges from milk software, weighbridges software and tea blending and receiving software
. Locally programmed for easy customer support
. Customer tailored to fit individual needs

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