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Robust TBH weighbridge and truck scale made of I-beams, with 10 years warranty for the platform! With OIML approved load cells

Industrial Scales

Designed to offer optimum quality for the price in order to guarantee the robustness, operating speed and accuracy you need,

Field Scales

The dustproof / waterproof digital hanging scale is ideal for humidity, dust, chemical and outdoor environments

Retail Scales

In a very demanding and competitive environment Retail Scales constantly keeps pace with the international developments,

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Unga Dakar Rd
Chesikaki Bungoma County
Eastern Africa grain Council in Meru
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Roller Weights

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Our strong Passion for Customer satisfaction is the key factor in positioning S &S as the dominant player in providing weighing solutions in Kenya.

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customers expect and receive quality, durable equipment, delivered on time. Controls over spare parts are strict providing all major components, including strain gauges, load cells, Digital indicators and Weigh Bars to guarantee quality standards.

Weighbridge Installed

Field Scale Automation

Reception Scales Installed

LPG Scales Fitted

Some Scales core Products


Model SBP/M modular weighbridge is the ideal solution for weighing vehicles and trucks up to 80 t vehicles trucks (standard version).

Mid Steel Platforms

The platform scale is mainly used for weighing hoisted material, forklift material and artificial carry.


Bluetooth Technology Scale 25mm LCD Display Attached White Color LED Display Easy to Use Front Panel...

DD 1050(Indicator)

The DD 1050 can replace a traditional PC with a locked down, industrialized solution meant to withstand harsh environments.


The BW series weighing indicator that amplifies signals from a load cell, converts it to digital data and displays it as a mass value..


The MEP / MEPL Series is an OIML R76 & EC type-approved pricing scale with dual-range division and provides memory for 8 items...

CPD-M(Load Cell)

8 STRAIN GAUGES, High precision - Repeatibility – Reproducibility, HEAVY-DUTY PROTECTION AT 45° CONE, MECHNICAL PROTECTION COVER...


Bluetooth connector,between Scale and Smartphone,A Bluetooth printer,Pimapp App,Pimapp Connector Pimapp Excel Email Exporter...


Light weight for taking conveniently,Multi-interface,Vehicle charger support, Super battery capability,Continuing printing when battery in charging