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The SCM weighbridge is the ideal solution to weigh road motor vehicles and articulated vehicles up to 80 tons, it is specifically designed for highly concentrated loads. The modular bridge is made up of reinforced prefabricated and pre-stressed concrete sections which give a high stability over time. The isostatic bridge structure constructed from independent modules facilitates ease of transport, handling and assembling operations and guarantees correct long term operation even in the event of natural ground settlings of the foundations. The compact low profile design enables to mount a pit mounted version in a pit of only 60 cm or the surface mounted version with ramps of only 50 cm high. The chain of measure is made up of compression stainless steel load cells in either analogue or digital version. The weight display and other optional functions are carried out by the highly versatile range of electronic indicators from Bilanciai which, together with the peripheral devices, complete the weighing system.


• Surface mounted or pit mounted installations in harsh environments (chemical industry, docks) or to weigh highly corrosive products (acids, petrochemical industries, etc.) The double front edge, together with the anti-impact bumpers - made up of special shock resistant material - avoid the deterioration of the surface in the contact areas of the bridge when the vehicle brakes. Lateral edge (for pit mounted version) to avoid the deterioration of the surface. Load cells oscillating supports to avoid any cause of damage due to transversal forces. Load cells hot galvanized protection covers, provide added protection and keep the loadcell area free from mud, rubble, etc.

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