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Another major part of our business is service and maintenance. We have unlimited capacity which means we can calibrate, verify , repair and maintain your scales on site. We offer service contracts which are for 4 visits per year and include all labour, traveling, technical support and break down.

You pay no labour on any repairs either and you get calibration certificates at every visit with reports of any scales that are in need of repair etc, as-well as preferential rates on new scales. We have some of the country's largest organizations under contract for many years - ( see our growing list of clients) as-well as dozens of smaller concerns. Our service customers come first!


  • The contract will commence on the date as stated in the agreement, and if not cancelled in writing before the expiry date it will continue on a yearly basis thereafter, each period to cover a full calendar year.
  • Under this contract we undertake to service, and maintain in good operating condition, the machines as specified.
  • We undertake to inspect, clean, oil, adjust and test these machines four times a year, making repairs and adjustments without further charges unless these should be required because of accident, fire or abuse. Overhauling, rebuilding, furbishing and fitting new parts and accessories, which may be required, or breakage, are not included.
  • All unnecessary call outs will be charged extra.
  • We can arrange for scales covered by this contract to be assessed once a year, you to be responsible for all charges made under the Weights and Measures Act.
  • Traveling expenses of our staff between our Technical Department and your premises are included.
  • The premium on this contract includes work and traveling time during regular working hours, any overtime called for will be charged extra.
  • No charge will be made for repair and adjustment calls required between the regular service calls.
  • If it is considered advisable that machines should be sent in to our Technical Department for adjustment, such repairs are included in the annual premium as if repairs were completed on your premises.
  • Our acceptance of this contract is made on the understanding that machines covered are in good operating condition at the time of signing.
  • Our service provides for work being attended to by specially trained and experienced mechanics, with supervision and advisory service from our office being available to you all times.
  • All premiums are payable in advance.
  • All prices exclude Value Added Tax, unless otherwise stated.
  • Notice of 6 (six) months must be given for termination of contract on due dates.
  • An annual 10% increase will be charged.
  • Scale and Software (K) Limited reserves the right to terminate the contract without prior notice between the two parties.

Your key to optimal success

Consultancy is expert advice given by a professional Consultant. Our Consultants have expert knowledge and unique industry insight into different production environments and processes and practical know-how about how best to tackle your weighing demands and challenges.

Our consultants can help you with weight optimisation tasks,scale equipment risk and root cause analysis, or process analysis to assess the speed,design, and quality of measurement systems.
Through a thorough analysis of the entire scale installation, our consultant helps you maximise equipment uptime and availability, enhance production performance, increase yields and reduce costs thereby increasing profitability.


  • Determination of problem/risks
  • Anticipate or avoid possible future issues
  • Identify losses through incorrect Weigh in/out planning
  • Commitment from S&S to enhance production performance and reduce your costs
  • Consultancy report handed to you on completion of each consultancy task with recommendations if performance or uptime improvements are identified.

Maintenance Service Contract

Peak performance and maximum uptime for your systems is our goal. And the key to this is preventative maintenance.
Our Service products are flexible and in a modular structure giving you maximum flexibility in putting together a service and support package tailored to you exact requirements.


  • Spare parts & Traceable Calibration
  • Maintenance
  • Consultancy
  • Software maintenance & Support


  • Quality equals performance with recommended components.
  • Maximise your weighing accuracy and increase your profit.
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance is your best assurance against downtime.
  • Your key to optimal success. We will help you optimise your production process.
  • Life-cycle support for your software solution and Technical care for your installed system.
  • Emergency Support
  • Customer Training
  • Sharing our expertise with our customers.
  • Anticipating the unexpected

Scales and Software Ltd. provides a range of support services to counter any unplanned equipment stoppage.

Our fully trained and experienced service specialists aim to respond immediately to your needs. By diagnosing (and where possible correcting) the cause of malfunction and impact on product is kept to a minimum.

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