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You can close more business in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.

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SCALES & SOFTWARE (K) LTD. is the trusted weighing solutions provider in Kenya. It was registered in year 2005 as a private limited company. It is a company with a proven record of accomplishment in the supply of high quality products and service to a diverse clientele. S & S (K) Ltd. boasts of successful installations with signed up Service Contracts in various industries including Manufacturing, Food & Agribusiness, Dairy and Transport (Weigh Bridges). Our strong Passion for Customer satisfaction is the key factor in positioning S &S as the dominant player in providing weighing solutions in Kenya. Our Maintenance staff is a valuable resource to the strength of our product line. They are in daily contact with scale users as they advise and assist in the design of systems that enhance the efficiency and profitability of our industrial customers. S & S (K) Ltd.


To become the premier company for weight and balance products and services. S & S is committed to growth through the development of new technology and products, utilizing the highest standards of quality and service. Is and will be a company organized to develop new ideas, solve problems and find improvements for the measuring of weight and balance through the use of technology and constant search for new applications and uses.


S & S is and will continue to be the number one weighing Company in the world, and provide customers with reliable and innovative service, products and information that help run their business. S & S will achieve the highest performance standard within each area of our business, and to be recognized by our customers as the industry leader in weighing solutions.


- Ethically treating our employees, customers, and suppliers, and expecting the same in return from them. - We value our customers, employees, and suppliers. - We are committed to providing only quality products and service. - We value accountability and integrity. - We believe in empowering all our employees. - When you make a decision, ask yourself . . . is it good for the customer, our Company - is in it.

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customers expect and receive quality, durable equipment, delivered on time. Controls over spare parts are strict providing all major components, including strain gauges, load cells, Digital indicators and Weigh Bars to guarantee quality standards.

Weighbridge Installed

Field Scale Automation

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LPG Scales Fitted