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Model SBP/M modular weighbridge is the ideal solution for weighing vehicles and trucks up to 80 t vehicles trucks (standard version) and concentrated loads are experienced during operational use. Its modular demountable structure facilitates transportation, handling and assembling. Its robust design and construction enables low profile installations of only 500 mm for the pit-mounted version and 400 mm for the surface-mounted version. In addition the design maintains system reliability even during natural ground setting. The basic weighing system comprises: Stainless steel compression load cells (available in both analogue and digital versions) and the electronic weight indicator, wich displays the weight and other weighing functions. Additional peripheral provide further versatility and functions, etc. The proven build quality and high specification raw material, togheter with the design expertise, wide range of accessories and tailor-made solutions, make the SBP/M weighbridge the most versatile and high-quality product in the market.